Weight Control

There is an extensive body of scientific research which shows that foods and drinks with aspartame help people to control their weight. Here are some of the key papers:
A review of the effectiveness of aspartame in helping with weight control.

A. de la Hunty, S. Gibson and M. Ashwell.
Nutrition Bulletin 31, 115-128.

This is a systematic review of studies on aspartame and weight that concluded, "The meta-analyses demonstrate that using foods and drinks sweetened with aspartame instead of sucrose results in a significant reduction in both energy intakes and bodyweight. The meta-analyses both of energy intake and of weight loss produced an estimated rate of weight loss of about 0.2kg/week."

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Short-term Effects of the Flavor of Drinks on Ingestive Behaviors in Man.

M. E. Beridot-Therond, I. Arts and M. Fantino.
Appetite, 31, 67–81

This study showed that participants who drank a sugar-sweetened beverage consumed as many calories at a subsequent meal as those who drank an aspartame-sweetened beverage. The participants who consumed the aspartame-sweetened beverage therefore consumed substantially fewer calories overall.

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The effect of aspartame as part of a multidisciplinary weight-control program on short- and long-term control of body weight.

G.L. Blackburn, B.S. Kanders, P.T. Lavin, S.D. Keller, and J. Whatley.
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 65, 409-418

This study showed that when aspartame was used as part of a 19-week weight control program, the sweetener helped participants to reduce their weight. Two years after the start of the study, aspartame users retained more of their weight loss than non-aspartame users.

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