American Heart Association Recommends Reduction in Sugar Intake

Low Calorie Sweeteners Can Help

On August 25, the American Heart Association spelled out specific recommendations about the number of discretionary calories that should come from added sugars in the diet.  AHA recommends a prudent approach of an upper limit of intake of half the discretionary calorie allowance.  For most women, this would be no more than 100 kcal/day (around 6 teaspoons), and for most men, no more than 150 kcal/day (around 9 teaspoons) from added sugar.  The average intake of added sugar based on the 2001-04 NHANES is about 22 teaspoons/day.

Simple shifts from sugar to low calorie sweeteners like aspartame can make these changes.  Regular soft drinks, which contain about 8 teaspoons sugar/12 ounces represent about one third of the total added sugars consumed.  For the person who usually has two cups of coffee (1 t. sugar each) and one soft drink each day, a shift to diet soda and a low cal coffee sweetener would knock off 10 teaspoons, which for most will put them in sight of the finish line!
Take a look at the Calorie Savings Counter  for other simple substitutions to help reduce added sugars.
Click here to review the AHA report in its entirety.