Evidence shows that low calorie sweeteners help reduce calorie intake and body weight

November 10, 2015:  In a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, researchers have, for the first time, integrated all the available science into a single review to evaluate the real impact of low calorie sweeteners on calorie intake and body weight.  A considerable weight of evidence confirms that choosing foods and drinks with low calorie sweeteners instead of those with sugar helps reduce energy intake and body weight.

The authors conclude that, on average, people can save between 75 and 514 Calories each day. Nevertheless, they point out that, if people are to lose weight, they have to manage their overall diet, balancing their calorie intake with energy expenditure through exercise.

Lead researcher Professor Peter Rogers said that we should now focus on how products with low calorie sweeteners should be best used in practice to help in the achievement of specific public health goals, such as the reduction of intakes of free sugars and calories.

Aspartame is the best tasting low calorie sweetener, and therefore plays a vital role in enabling food and drinks makers to produce products that people will enjoy, and choose again and again.